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Author: stowetwp


The McKees Rocks Bridge has been reduced to a single lane of traffic in each direction around-the-clock through early July 2023.

Motorists should expect delays during peak travel times.

The McKees Rocks Bridge preservation project extends between Route 51 (Island Avenue) and Route 65 (Ohio River Boulevard) and includes sidewalk repairs and replacement, full-depth concrete pavement reconstruction of the road and four ramps at Helen Street, ADA curb ramp installation, approach pavement work at intersections of Routes 65 and 51, barrier repair, deck overhang and spall repair, fencing installation, and other miscellaneous construction. As work occurs, traffic will be reduced to a single lane in each direction, with occasional truck and turning-lane detours occurring at the West End Bridge as needed. The overall project is anticipated to conclude in the fall of 2024.

Consider using alternative routes:

Interstate 79

Sewickley Bridge

West End Bridge.

Consider modifying your travel times so they are not during the morning and evening rush hours.

Thank you for your patience and consideration during this time. Stowe Twp Secretary, Police Dept. and Fire Dept.

We’re Hiring: Part-time Deputy Ordinance/Code Enforcement Officer

The Deputy Ordinance / Code Enforcement Officer reports to the Ordinance Officer to ensure all Township residents follow Township ordinances with a specific focus on municipal trash and waste. Canvases Township areas daily for violations of Township ordinances, represent Township at all violators hearings, and attend all local magistrate and court hearings. Will assist in collecting delinquent garbage to include follow-up with magistrate if needed.

Job Title: Deputy Ordinance/Code Enforcement Officer
Schedule: 25 hours per week, Monday – Friday

For more information or to apply for the position please email Roberta Farls at [email protected]

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