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The Board of Commissioners is the governing body of the Township. The Board is comprised of five members who are elected to four-year terms. The Commissioners are vested with the executive and legislative powers of the Township.   Commissioners are responsible for creating the annual budget, public safety, providing a positive and safe work environment for our employees,  promoting our township, encouraging new businesses and dispersing funds in a responsible manner.


Our Commissioners:

Darryl Chestnutt, III; Tyler Kochirka, Cheryl McDermott; Louis "Robin" Parrilla, Jr; Jeff Paul



President of the Board - Cheryl McDermott
Member of all Committees

Vice President of the Board - Louis "Robin" Parrilla Jr



  • Finance / Pension - Jeff Paul / Cheryl McDermott / Ron Gallagher
  • Public Safety - Tyler Kochirka / Darrell Chestnutt {police commissioner}
    • Police / Fire / Safety
  • Community Planning – Cheryl McDermott / Jeff Paul
    • Public Works & Parks
    • Ordinance/Planning/Zoning
    • Property/Building/Lights/Water
    • Health/Sanitation/Stormwater
  • COG Representative(s) - Jeff Paul / Tyler Kochirka / Roberta Farls